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Swedish Translation software

MultiTranse is a Swedish translation software that can translate Swedish to English and back, but no more 6000 symbols at a time. In addition our machine Swedish translator supports any language pairs including the following languages: Finish, Polish, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Greek, French, Norwegian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. This translation program works with Unicode text and can change the encoding to any ANSI encoding and back when it saves the text. You can also save the text in Unicode and utf-8. The Swedish software translator selects font for any language automatically, though the user can also choose the font. The major advantage of this Swedish translation software is that even a child can easily use it. First, insert text, either by typing it, or copying from the clipboard. Then, press the button that identifies the language of the original. The next step, the next step would be choosing the language of the text needs to be translated to. Press the button to start English to Swedish translation. Moreover, the program is distributed as shareware, meaning anyone can download it for free and get familiar with it during a 15 days trial period. Download Swedish translator right now!

Download Swedish Translator

MultiTranse Swedish Translator
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